Custom Actuation Solutions Since 1973



AVC has been known for nearly 40 years for its capability to design tailored solutions for any actuation challenge. Whether it is for a simple, quarter-turn on/off operation, or a more challenging situation, such as hazardous environment (explosion-proof), modulating multi-turn, special fail-safe triggering mechanisms, or bus networks, AVC’s engineers tailor-design assemblies for the most demanding of circumstances.
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AVC specializes in assemblies geared for:

Accurate Control
o Remote operation – Allows the ability to control the unit from a remote location.
o Tie-in to existing systems – Incorporates the unit as part of a current operating system (tie-in to control panel and DCS using 4-20mA, FF, Profibus or HART).
o Operation under harsh environment – Fills the need for semi-submersible, explosion-proof, or weather-proof solutions.
o Solenoids, positioners, indicators – Accessories that enable better and more direct control and feedback.

o Fail open/close – Unit will close or open when triggered (for example, during a loss of operating power).
o Explosion-proof – Units which are explosion-proof rated according to ATEX, NEMA, CSA or FM.
o Submersible – Units which are submersible and operational for a set period of time while submersed.
o Trigger mechanisms – Accessories which trigger the unit to operate at a certain level or pressure.

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