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Case Studies

Case Studies

Specialized Solutions that Meet Demanding Challenges

While some customers’ actuation requirements are straightforward, most are anything but. The risks associated with an actuation solution that lacks one precise detail are tremendous.

Since 1973, AVC has been creating precision solutions that set the industry standard in safety and control. AVC has responded to some of the most complex challenges, and delivered custom-made solutions for unique problems across many industries.

Customer Challenge #1
AVC’s customer required a three-phase, electric spring-return fail-close actuator that would operate a 3”-600# ball valve. It would also need to meet both European and Russian national codes, and fit within the customer’s skid package.
AVC’s Engineered Solution:
AVC engineered and built a custom actuation package which eliminated the use of a large electric motor and actuator, using instead a self-contained, electro-hydraulic actuator. The innovative use of this form of actuation allowed the package to meet the customer’s demanding operational requirements, and to fit within the previously designed skid. Because AVC maintains constant access to such a broad variety of part and accessory products and brands, we were also able to easily meet the requirements of both countries, staying within their rigid code guidelines. The customer was so impressed with AVC’s solution, they designated it the new company standard.

Customer Challenge #2
AVC’s customer required a solution that would offer them a pipeline emergency shutdown (ESD) capability in an extremely remote – and frigid – environment of Alaska. The actuator would need to close the valve (fail-close) in the event of a line break/pressure drop, but the more complicated issue was that it also had to reset itself automatically. In this remote location, it would need to operate without the availability of electricity or compressed air. Additionally, the system needed to operate flawlessly in ambient temperatures ranging from 20ᵒF all the way down to -50°F.
AVC’s Engineered Solution:
AVC engineered a solution by applying a spring-return, fail-close, gas-operated actuator operated from the pipeline itself, incorporating a dual-regulating, pressure-reducing control in order to safely operate the actuator. AVC also designed an actuator ESD control that would close the valve in the event the pipeline pressure drops, and would also automatically reset when the pressure returns to normal, thus opening the valve. The end solution gave our customer the ability to protect their investment by having a fail-safe system capable of operating autonomously under severe weather conditions, and in an extremely remote location.

Customer Challenge #3
AVC’s customer was tasked with building a new research vessel for the National Science Foundation. The vessel would be operated by the University of Alaska at Fairbanks as part of the U.S. academic research fleet, and it required an actuation solution with some very unique and specific requirements: the vessel would need electrically actuated valve packages which were lightweight, compact, had local controls, and network communications capability. Additionally, the solution had to be made from 100% United States-manufactured parts and accessories.
AVC’s Engineered Solution:
AVC met every one of the rigid requirements of the project. Thanks to AVC’s access to a broad inventory of part types and brands, we were able to custom design the solution using all American components. AVC’s application engineers adhered to the tight size, weight, and United States manufacturing requirements, and developed a custom control system utilizing local manual and remote Modbus protocol.

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