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Fail-Safe Electric Actuators

Fail-Safe Electric Actuators

Electrical Power Supply with Emergency shutdown at loss of power or signal

AVC is the industry leader when it comes to Fail-Safe Electric Actuators for Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and other Fail-Safe applications.
Spring Return Electric Fail-Safe Option

As the actuation industry is ever evolving, one solution is getting more attention then ever before, the Fail-Safe Electric Actuator.

One of the big advantages of Electric actuators over Pneumatics is the Ease and Flexibility of installation, Scalability plus Network & Communication controls and diagnostics. 

When it comes to Fail-Safe Electric Actuators there are a couple of options, depending on Torque requirements:
Battery Back-up Solution for Electric Actuators Spring Return Actuators – Up to 2,300 inch/lbs of Torque
Battery Back-up Units – Up to 2,600 inch/lbs of Torque
Electro-Hydraulic Units – Up to 5,300,000 inch/lbs of Torque


Brands we represent and have access to with these capabilities:

RCS (Raymond Control Systems) a Dresser/GE company – The green RCS actuators have been around for a very long time and still serve their purpose. The US made product has a spring-return Fail-Safe Line under the name of SurePower. The spring-return unit goes up to 1,800 inch/lbs of spring-end torque.

Remote Control (Rotork) – 
AVC has been a long-time distributor for the Remote Control or “RCI” line. RCI offers a “Electro-Hydraulic” solution for application where electricity needs to be used, but Torque requirements exceed that of Spring-Return solutions. An electric pump pushes the hydraulics to operate a rack-and-pinion actuator with springs build in for fail-safe operation. The solution is called: Self-contained Electro-Hydraulic. RCI’s solution is simple and straight forward, without too many bells and whistles.

Rotork – 
Same solution as RCI above. The Rotork “Skilmatic”Electro-Hydraulic Solution series has a “bare” model as RCI does, however it can also be fitted with an “IQ” control head (see picture). This gives a lot more control and feedback options.
The Skilmatic series reaches up to 5,300,000 inch/lbs of Spring-end Torque making it suitable for the biggest of challenges.

Triac –
Has multiple Fail-safe operations solutions. Their spring-return unit goes up to 2,300 inch/lbs.
The battery back-up goes up to 2,600 inch/lbs.

Schischek – 
Is a Rotork company which builds electric explosion proof products worldwide for heating, ventilating, air conditioning for industrial and offshore applications. A light weight easy to install Electric Actuator with a Spring-end Torque of over 500 inch/lbs.

Promotion Engineering – 
The D and PA-PD Series provides 90 inch/lbs to 2,300 inch/lbs of torque, both available with and without a manual override.

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