Custom Actuation Solutions Since 1973



Unmatched Experience, Customization, and Turnaround Times

AVC is the industry leader in helping customers navigate the most complex actuation challenges,
and custom engineering solutions that meet those unique requirements. As one of the longest-standing actuation businesses in the U.S., AVC offers a level of expertise that is unparalleled.
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AVC specializes in Custom Solutions
AVC’s broad variety of products and brands, combined with an average 20-year breadth of experience across our team, mean expert solutions for absolutely any challenge. 

AVC’s custom solutions include:

In-House Engineering / Assembly
AVC maintains a full team of engineering and technical experts, as well as a full line of equipment and resources, which ensure the best-possible solution, each and every time.
Valve Actuation
AVC has led the industry in custom valve actuation since 1973. AVC’s capabilities allow us to design and fabricate actuator mounting hardware that allows virtually any actuator to mount to any valve. AVC’s valve actuation includes:
– Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic
– Fail-safe operations
– Controls (local and remote)
Repair, Maintenance and Installation
AVC’s expert team of repair technicians is available to perform actuation service and repair, either in our facility or out in the field/onsite at your business location. Our repair, maintenance and installation services include:

– Actuation repair
– Re-calibration
– Installation
– Servicing of parts & accessories

– Installation
– Calibration/setting switches
– Onsite cycle testing

*AVC offers an additional warranty for customers who both purchase products and services,
and commission AVC for onsite installation.

AVC’s products and solutions solve customer challenges in a wide variety of industries, including:

• Oil and Gas
• Engineering/Design Firms
• Industrial Processing
• Pipeline & Storage
• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• Marine/Offshore
• Municipal/Waste Water
• Food Processing
• Power Plants
• Specialty

In addition to its wide scope of custom services, AVC also has full access to a broad array of electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic valve actuators, as well as gears, control kits and accessories. Read more about our products…

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