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SafeOperator – the safe and convenient way to operate valves.




SafeOperator is the most comprehensive solution for the remote operation of valves, in every industry, available today. Elliott leads the world in delivering systems which make your industry a safer place. Remote mechanical systems for the operation of valves allow every industry to locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience.

Typically, you will use Elliott’s SafeOperator remote valve technology when;
• The valve is located in a physically difficult to access position or hazardous/restricted environment.
• When manual mechanical systems are required for reasons of back-up (redundancy and diversity) often for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems.
• The standard lever /handwheel or actuator cannot be fitted or operated due to the restricted space or the position in which the valve has to be sited.
• A requirement for operation from more than one position is specified.


Design Features

• Safe point of operation
• Flexible route from valve to operator
AVC_SafeOperator• No complex installation process
• No complex planning process
• No exposed moving parts – no guarding
• Reliable – single or few components
• Minimum ongoing preventive maintenance cost
• No special tools required
• European nuclear plants
• Range of geared operators and 1:1 options
• Effective over short and long lengths—no waste
• Reliable– built with high quality
• Designed to ensure value for money—maximum design flexibility

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