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There are several important considerations for evaluating actuator design and overall performance. Among these considerations are torque output versus cost and size; effectiveness of seals, ease of mounting and adding accessories. RSVP Actuators are computer designed to properly balance these criteria and to provide the alternative or combination of alternatives that best fit your particular needs. Quality, safety, dependability and efficiency are built into every RSVP 1031 actuator.


The body configuration is computer designed to optimize the transmission of force through the piston rod to the torque plug. Sturdy bearing surfaces assure effective sealing and long life through efficient torque transmission. A thrust pin is secured to the piston rod, and a roller is placed over the pin to allow free movement within the slot of the torque plug. This acts to reduce friction and wear. The torque plug has a closed cast slot; it is not open on one end. As a result, there will be no lost motion due to springing open under high torques. Obviously, to obtain maximum efficiency, all tolerances are closely held.

More than economy, efficiency means dependability. For example, the journals of the torque plug provide wide bearing surfaces for ease of rotation. These also resist side thrust and wear caused by possible misalignment in mounting to a valve or damper. The piston rod slides through bronze bearings secured between the body and the cylinder adapter or rod cover. The bearing is designed to minimize friction, but the area is sufficient to counter side thrust and wear.


The RSVP 1031 actuator is designed with three modules. The first module is the center-body. We offer five different sizes of center-bodies; 26, 33, 45, 60 and 80. The second module is the power assembly. The third is the spring assembly. The power and spring assembly modules are removable, serviceable and interchangeable without removing the center-body module from the valve. This procedure does not require any special tools.

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