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RCS Actuator

RCS Actuator

RCS is build in Brenham, TX

RCS Actuator Multi-Turn & Quarter Turn Electric
 Simple On/Off operation or Modulating
 Fail-Safe, Spring-Return Units (SurePower)

RCS Actuator SurePower

Automated Valve and Control has a constant inventory of $500K+ of RCS Electric Actuators. We are a certified and fully equipped Service Center ready to get the job done!
RCS Actuator comes in Electric On/Off, Modulating/Throttling and Spring Return (Fail-Safe) Electric Rotary Actuators and are the most versatile of any in the market. Coupled with an extensive line of control and network communication accessories, RCS is capable of offering both standard and unique solutions to a host of challenging automation requirements.The RCS Actuator targets quarter-turn, small multi-turn and damper valves.

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RCS Actuator Rotary models (MAR-units) span a Torque range of 17 to 48,000 in. lbs. Stroke speeds for quarter-turn valves range from 1.25 seconds to 3 minutes. Speeds for multi-turn actuators range from 7.5 to 30 RPM. RCS manufactures actuators with NEMA/CSA-4, NEMA/CSA-7 and combination 4/6/7 enclosures with various voltages of 120 1-ph., 50/60 Hz., 220 1-ph 50/60 Hz., 440 Volt 3-ph VAC. In direct current we have 12 & 24 VDC (DCR-Units).
The Spring-Return unit (SurePower) goes up to 1,800 inch-pounds of spring-end torque.

RCS Actuator MAR Series

In its fifth decade of production, RCS maintains a peerless reputation for performance, reliability, and versatility for the manufacture of quarter-turn and spring return electric actuators. Proudly made in America,Brenham, TX,since 1968, RCS actuators are designed to automate flow control devices for a wide and varied range of applications, from ball, butterfly, and plug valve automation to more specialized applications such as multi-turn and rotary choke valves. A comprehensive range of modular control accessories allows RCS electric actuators to be tailored to address the most complex process control requirements for either on-off, modulating or digital network protocols, and the extensive network of factory-trained authorized service centers provides aftermarket support for technical and application questions.

Automated Valve & Control (AVC), in Houston, Texas, is a stocking distributor and factory authorized service center for RCS. Contact a member of our sales team to Request a Quote for this Product.

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