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Quincy Ortman Fluid power

Quincy Ortman Fluid Power

Ortman Cylinder

AVC uses the Quincy Ortman Fluid Power Linear cylinders mostly for gate valves in Tank Terminal applications. If you'd like to know about that, click this link

QA series – Light Duty "Economic" – Pneumatic Linear
The QA series cylinder line is an universal design offered by Quincy Ortman Fluid Power. This inexpensive design supplies our customer a cost reduction option but durable product which is lightweight and has corrosion resistant body. The QA design incorporates side tapped (NFPA Style MS4) mounting on all cylinders and still has the ability to change mounting types without dis-assembly of the cylinder body. All bore sizes come STANDARD with "low friction" wearband around the piston, magnetic band for applications that require electronic feedback and a bearing liner to maximize life of the rod and bearing, all at no additional cost to our customers.

• 150 psi pressure rated
• 1.50 through 4.00 Bore
• Designed to conform to NFPA Standards
• Available in Multiple Constructions
• 100,000 psi min yield Ch'md Rod Mt'l
• 100,000 psi min yield Tie Rod Material
• Standard NFPA Side Tap Mounting
• Durable Aluminum Barrel
• Interchangeable NFPA Mounting
• Multiple Rod End Styles
• NPT Ports
• Low Friction wearband on piston


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