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Grinnell Butterfly Valves

Grinnell Butterfly Valves


Features & Benefits:
• Suitable for high pressure and full vacuum service due to the use of a cartridge seat design
• Triple function cartridge seat isolates the body and stem from the media, provides positive drop-tight shut-off of line media at full rated pressure and provides a flange seal, eliminating the need for flange gaskets
• Full rated unidirectional dead-end service is achieved by utilizing a unique patented lip in the lug body
• Strong disc-to-stem connection and elimination of exposed pins or bolts is achieved through the use of a rectangular drive
• Ability to install the valve with the disc in the closed position eliminates the risk of damage to the valve during installation
• Maximum flow and rangeabililty is achieved with the use of a streamlined disc
• Blowout-proof stems are standard
• Longer seat life with low operating torques is ensured by utilizing upper and lower stem bearings
• Need for costly brackets is eliminated due to the ability to direct mount actuation onto the valve top-plate

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