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Andco Linear Electric Actuators

Andco Linear Electric Actuators

• Electric Actuator with Non-rotating drive rod
 Compact with electromechanical repeatability
 Weatherproof or dust-ignition proof construction

Andco Eagle

Andco electric linear and rotary actuators are self-contained, electro-mechanical actuators designed for precise positioning and automation of material handling or flow control equipment. Linear actuators are available in acme screw or ball screw design with a wide variety of speeds, stroke lengths, thrusts and mounting options. Multi-turn rotary actuators are worm-gear driven, designed for industrial applications in a wide range of torque offerings. All Andco Electric Linear Actuators offer a wide selection of accessories for on/off or modulating service, including digital network protocols.

Andco QR-Series

The Andco® 7000 Series linear actuators are completely self-contained, electromechanical devices. Designed and fabricated for dependable, long-life operation, these actuators are used for positioning, automation of material handling, or flow control equipment.
7000 Series actuators are driven by a high starting torque, low inertia motor connected to a drive screw through a set of gears. When the motor rotates the drive screw, the mating nut and attached extension rod move axially. Upon completion of stroke, the gear driven position limit switch interrupts power to the
motor. If movement of the extension rod is prevented in either direction at any point in actuator travel due to an external mechanical overload, a thrust switch will interrupt power to the motor.

1. High strength ground and plated extension rod
2. Front end cap with bearing support, rod wiper and grease seal
3. Four tie-rod construction with guided drive nut
4. Thrust limit disc springs and spring limit sleeve to prevent total spring deflection
5. Anti-friction bearings
6. High strength alloy steel cut gears
7. Gear driven potentiometer or encoder drives
8. Heavy duty motor, TENV, NEMA D design, high starting torque, low inertia motor provides high breakaway forces and good positioning characteristics. Class F insulation is standard.
9. Versatile mounting, clevis (7100 only) trunnion or face/flange
10. Adjustable position limit switch. A two position gear driven position limit switch for end-of-travel actuator shutoff and a set of contacts for light indication are included as standard. Each position is independently adjustable and can be set anywhere within the full actuator travel. The heavy duty rotary drum, double break switch with wiping contacts feature a patented mechanism that ensures internal gear engagement after adjustment.
11. Adjustable thrust limit switches. An adjustable thrust switch for each direction of travel is provided as standard. The switch assembly will automatically shut off the actuator if the set force is exceeded. The switch protects driven equipment from damage due to excessive forces and can also be used as a mechanism for positive seating.

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