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Skid Manufacturing

Skid Manufacturing

Automated Valve and Control has valve and valve automation solutions for Skid Manufacturers of all sorts, supplying them with Skid Mounted Valves.

An ever growing number of our customers are Skid Manufacturers, mostly focused on the Exploration & Production of Oil & Gas.
Our products are used on Skids going to the Eagle Ford or Barnett Shale in TX or the Devonian Woodford in OK. These days we see a lot of growth not only in those regions but also at plays like Uintah Basin (UT), Avalon Shale(NM), Marcellus(WY), Niobrara(WY) and Bakken (ND).

Skid Package Shale

A multitude of skids are used for Exploration and Production purposes. From compression and metering skids to RTO and vapor recovery skids to even well injection systems. Although these skids all have their own characteristics in essence our products will have to go by the same standards across the board.

Skid manufacturers expect the following:
o Reliability: Less down time for the customer
o Easy to Operate/understand: Easily tie in to control panels, fool proof.
o Weather/Explosion Proof: Being able to perform in harsh conditions.
o Fail Safe operation: A valve will automatically need to be able to move to the close or open position in case of an emergency (loss of signal etc.)
o Size range: 2" to 12" ball and butterfly valves

RCS Electric:
o On/Off or Fail Safe operation with the ability to modulate
o Weather/Explosion Proof (NEMA/CSA 4/6/7)
o AC and DC current options
o 4~20mA controls, compatible with SCADA/PLC systems
o Sold as bare bone actuator or as a valve/actuator assembly

Pneumatic Rack & Pinion
o Spring Return units for fail safe operation
o Operable with 50psi – 120psi of air
o Filter Regulators prevent corrosion
o Solenoids to be able to operate from control panel (4~20mA)

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