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Damper Actuators

Damper Actuators

RCS Sure150 on Damper

We work closely together with Damper Manufacturers all over the world to actuate their valves. The Damper valves we deal with are either made for Tunnel and Industrial ventilation systems or are made of composite material used for odor control, outfitted with our Damper Actuators.

The Damper Actuators we offer for Damper valves need to be able to operate under harsh conditions, our electric units are weatherproof and/or explosion proof (Class I, Div I).


Damper Actuators
o RCS – Actuators are used on dampers in tunnels all around the world. Not only will you find MAR or SurePower models in the US subway and Amtrak systems but also in subway tunnels in Bangkok, Thailand and beyond. RCS units can also be found in Odor control units for municipal or industrial applications. RCS Products
o Auma –  Broad range of drives for a variety of damper applications including quarter-turn dampers (butterfly, louver and axial vane), guillotine dampers, diverters and dampers driven through linkage from a pedestal mounted/lever output drive. Auma Products
o Pneumatic – AVC carries a number of pneumatic actuation brands which are used to actuate Damper Valves. AVC can build any type of floor mounted damper drive. MasterTorq Products








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