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Automated Valve & Control provides products and engineered solutions for the the following applications:

Skid Manufacturing Waste Water Plant
Dampers Terminals Skids (Waste) Water

Most of our customers are OEMs or Re-sellers for a variety of industries. These industries have different product and application needs. You will find a selection of some of the specific Applications we cater to.

Damper Valves
RCS – Actuators are used on dampers in tunnels all around the world. Not only will you find MAR or SurePower models in the US subway and Amtrak systems but you will also find them in Odor control units in Australia or Asia.
Auma – Broad range of drives for a variety of damper applications including quarterturn dampers (butterfly, louver and axial vane), guillotine dampers, diverters and dampers driven through linkage from a pedestal mounted/lever output drive.
Rotork – Electro-Haudraulics, a range of linear output drives with a variety of travel lengths to provides burner shroud and damper automation. Rotork provides proven reliability for dampers requiring rotary drives regardless of damper size.
PneumaticsAVC carries a number of pneumatic actuation brands which are used to actuate Damper Valves. AVC can build any type of floor mounted damper drive.
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Liquid Tank Terminal Applications (often gate-valves)
Linear – Pneumatic or Hydraulic Linear Cylinders (fail-safe Optional) strong and cost-effective solution for operating multi-turn valves.
Electro-Hydraulic Fail-Safe – Electro-Hydraulic actuators provide fail-safe operation for higher torque requirements on multi-turn or quarter-turn valves. These units are powered by electricity which pumps the self-contained hydraulics to operate the actuator. Brands: Rotork, RCI.
Electric multi-turn – Electric units to operate multi-turn valves, often with strong controls.
ControlsExcellent communication/monitoring and diagnostics on the actuators to get feedback and operate remotely.
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Skid Manufacturing
Quarter Turn:
Pneumatic – Double-Acting or Spring-Return Actuator with a solenoid and position indicator to communicate with local control panel (4~20mA).
Electric – Electric quarter-turn or Spring-return (Fail-Safe) Actuators. 4~20mA signal for position feedback, modulating or as a relay.
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(Waste) Water Industries – Municipalities
Auma – Auma’s actuation is well accepted in the (Waste) Water Industries. Operating Sluice Gates, Butterfly Valves, Plug valves and Knife Gates.
Multi-turn – Often used in the (Waste) Water Industry are the different types of gate valves which need to be actuated by multi-turn units, Auma offers a wide range of multi-turn units for this industry.
Submersible – Enhanced submersion and corrosion protection to deal with unusual or adverse environmental conditions.
Linear – Linear Cylinder aplications
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