Custom Actuation Solutions Since 1973



Founded in 1973 by Barney Ross, AVC began as a family business. AVC has expanded into one of the industry’s most capable full-service actuation houses, yet maintains the culture and spirit of a family-owned and operated business.



1973 – Barney Ross opens Automated Valve & Control in Houston, Texas, making AVC one of the first valve actuation companies in the U.S. The bulk of Ross’ emerging business is in actuating Lunkenheimer valves.
1976 – Tom Harlan joins Barney Ross, he handles the production and engineering aspects of the business.
1978 – AVC outgrows its original facility, and moves to a larger Houston location.
1978 – AVC receives distribution rights for the Dynatorque line of gear operators.
1979 – AVC becomes a distributor and service center for Raymond Control Systems (RCS).
1980 – AVC outgrows its newer location, and moves into a larger space on Stearns Street in Houston.
1995 – Bill Curtis joins AVC to strengthen the sales operations of the business.
2001 – Ross sells AVC to the employees (ESOP-company), yet remains actively involved as a consultant.
2001 – Bill Curtis is appointed President.
2009 – The Dutch Multi-national Pon, an international Distribution and Service company, acquires AVC from its employees, and places it under the ownership of W&O Supply Inc. to bring to the marine industry the valve actuation expertise within AVC.
2010 – AVC moves to a new facility on Market Street in Houston.
2010 – After 37 years at AVC as owner, and later as consultant, Barney Ross retires at age 77.
2014 – AVC moves to a new facility on Porter Road in Houston.

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